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Paragliding in Hawaii: An Aerial Adventure in Paradise

How does gliding through the clear blue sky, looking down on the deep blue Pacific Ocean, jungle clad mountains, and epic volcanic landscape sound?

Sound great right? That’s because it is!

This week we caught up with a member of the crew who tried the adventure themselves. They told us all about it. Read on to find out more.

What’s so special about this paragliding trip? What makes it worth it?

“There are many stunning places and tours in Hawaii. You’ll get to see a few of them when you come here. However, seeing these idyllic spots from a birds-eye view is something totally different. How many people can say they’ve looked down on beautiful Hawaiian hills or seen the power of the Pacific Ocean crashing onto the shore from above? Paragliding in Hawaii was a new way to see a place I’ve really grown to love over the years. It made me see a gorgeous place from a totally new perspective.” The difference between paragliding and parasailing is that the latter is attached to a vehicle like a motorboat (which is considered very safe).

Is it scary being all the way up there?

All I can say is “Wow!” Normally I’m a little scared of heights, but being up there is so peaceful and beautiful. You get sucked into the experience and how stunning everything looks, and it just feels like you’re flying, literally. In the moment you’re taking in so many sensations and you’re so awe-struck by the beauty of it all that you forget you’re up in the air. It’s hard to explain. You’ve got to try it to see for yourself.”

What was the highlight of the experience for you? What do you remember most?

“Anybody can visit Hawaii and see the beautiful sites promoted by Hawaii tourism. Not many get to see it all from above. I guess the most memorable thing is seeing the power of the Pacific from above. It’s hard to describe just how big and powerful the ocean really is until you see its entire expanse while paragliding. It was awesome and it really makes you realize where you are on the planet. You’re in the middle of the biggest ocean there is, and it’s really unbelievable to see it all from the sky!”

Check Out an Awesome Clip of the Experience

So, there you have it! A fantastic adventure awaits you in some of the most spectacular places to visit in Hawaii.

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