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Top Nighttime Tours in Hawaii: Vampires Welcome

Picture this.  The sky is a smear of baby blue, the sun just heating to a broil, the waves singing and the sunlight dappling through the green rugged mountainside. The day is starting to stir, the rich velvet scent of coffee brewing and the empty hammock awaiting someone’s arrival to fulfill its only purpose.

Where can you be found on a day like this?

Back in the hotel, stretched out cool as a cucumber, rolled up in the simple bliss of cream cotton sheets and air conditioning.

We aren’t sure what it is, but, for some reason, there are certain people who self-combust as soon as they step outside, especially when the sun is high on the horizon. Blame it on a delicate skin condition or the threat of insomnia. But, when someone nicks their finger chopping onions and your stomach starts to rumble – then perhaps it’s time to start checking for your reflection in a mirror.

Need more tips on whether or not you or your partner may be a blood sucker of the night? Check it out…

Whether you are a spawn of Satan, or you just simply cannot bear to rouse yourself from duvet land come dawn, these nighttime Hawaii tour packages will ensure that you get to see a little of the country, without exposing you to the enemy known as sunlight…

Hawaiian Star Gazing Tour

Star gazing at Mauna Kea

Boasting the tallest sea mountain in the world – it seems as though you can pluck stars from the sky, like apples from a basket, in Hawaii.

Atop the soaring heights of Mauna Kea, you will find one of the best astronomical sites on earth.

A staggering 13 telescopes sit ready for action at the Onizuka Center for International Astronomy. Because Hawaii is free from the tangles of light pollution and cloud scraping buildings, the viewing quality of the sky is like having an IMAX as your ceiling. You can watch the theatrics of space, soaring planets and falling stars.

Star gazing Hawaii tours do it all.  They pick you up, hand you a blanket, feed you dinner, trek with you up the hills and then sit and point out all the things of celestial wonder. This is a tour for poets and dreamers, so please leave your fangs at home.

Volcano Twilight Tour

Make no mistake, volcanoes are pretty impressive at any time of day. Moody and shrouded in morning mist, a myriad of green and black in the haze of the afternoon, smoking at sunset and alive and simmering beneath the moon.

For those who groan at the idea of climbing a volcano in the white hot heat of day, then perhaps the twilight tours in Hawaii will catch your fancy.

Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies…no wait, that’s The Beatles.

Instead, picture yourself standing on the brink of a crater, as the sun melts like lava on the horizon. Imagine the steam rising and the orangey glow of fire as the volcano starts to hiss and spit.

When you see these magnificent volcanoes in the faint light of evening, they take on a new lease of life. The colors are exaggerated, the surrounding rainforests are abuzz with life and, for those with hearts that aren’t as black and cynical as a lava tube, they can be pretty romantic too.

The best twilight volcano tours on the island can be found in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you can hike, walk the lava tubes and perch on the ridges of the Kilauea Iki Crater and the Halemaumau Crater. Consider taking one of these magnificent helicopter tours as many of these locations are inaccessible by foot.

Hauntings of the Night Marchers Tour

Night marchers, Hawaii

So, Hawaii has this legend where ancient warriors come back from the dead to roam the island. Apparently, they march to the sound of beating drums, carry torches and give a warning by blowing a conch shell. Oh yeah, if anyone looks at them, that dummy will actually keel over and die.

So, obviously, the tourist board of Hawaii thought it would be a GREAT idea to run a tour where unwitting visitors actually go and look for these things in the dead (no pun intended) of night.

For those who feel the urge to battle with death or for those who believe that the supernatural is all a figment of Stephen Spielberg’s mind, then the Night Marchers tour is an amazing after hours’ experience. This tour can be especially fun, if you are really good at kidding yourself or with someone who jumps at the mere mention of the word ghost.

Now, we don’t want the Night Marchers to be misunderstood. They weren’t like Game of Thrones White Walkers – out for flesh and blood. In fact, these guys were just there to protect high ranking chiefs by traveling behind the royal procession.

To warn commoners that they were coming, they would even blow conch shells to be all like ‘Yo, don’t look over here.”  So, all in all, nice guys really.

You can sign up for the Night Marchers tour and wander all over sites of sacrificial temples and other spooky locations on Oahu, including old creepy plantations, crumbling summer palaces and even downtown Honolulu. Find out more here.

Manta Ray Night Snorkel

The gentle giants of the sea.  Nothing is more spectacular than seeing them in their natural habitat.

Oh wait, there is something even more mesmerizing – seeing them float like ghosts, beneath the light of the moon.

Anyone who has been snorkeling at night will already know that there is something mysterious about the ocean after dark. Colors come to life, the water is soft and warm from the day’s sun, and, when you lift your head, the stars blaze like pale ribbons strewn across the sky.

The Travel Channel declared night swimming with Manta Rays as one of the top 10 experiences you can have in your whole life. Pretend to be one of the sea people, as you swim beneath the shadow of the Mantas wings. You can book this incredible experience at one of several scuba dive tours.

This is definitely something to write home about and you can bet the only Hawaii honeymoon package that will leave you truly starry-eyed.



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