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Hawaii SPAM Recipes: Roundup of the Best (And a Few to Make you Cry)

SPAM – the marmite of the meat world. You either defend it to the death love it or you would need tying down in a chair to get even a morsel to pass your lips.

But, SPAM is not so scary, despite its strange sounding name. The term SPAM actually derives from spiced ham. Imagine how different life could have been if it were christened Spiced Ham in a Can. Everyone would have nodded their heads and said ‘of course, spiced ham in a can…how lovely.’ Instead, many spit out the word ‘SPAM’ in horror.

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But, remember o ye haters of SPAM, this is a meat that SAVED everyone in the war. OK, maybe that’s a bit of a push, but really, without SPAM everyone would have starved. It was one of the most important army rations, so without it, the soldiers wouldn’t have had the strength to lift themselves out of the barracks.

Do you really want to hate on a food product that saved lives?

Not only is SPAM the superhero of the meat world, but it also can be absolutely delicious. We are sure it’s going to make a comeback. World War 2 may have given it a bad name, but SPAM is shaking off the shackles of the past and hurtling headfirst into a brand SPAMking new future.

Take a look at this roundup of the best SPAM recipes, with just a couple thrown in to make you weep…

SPAMburger and Pineapple (good)

Photo by Misterio Press

This is a SPAM recipe that is sure to get you drooling. Yes, we’ll bet that you never thought you would hear SPAM and drooling in the same sentence.

SPAM and pineapple seems to hit the spot; the salty goodness of SPAM mingles with the dripping juices of the sweet pineapple and never mind a party in your mouth – these pair throw down a rave of epic proportions.

Make yourself a beautiful homemade beef patty. Drop it on an English muffin. Top it with a thick cut of premium SPAM, add a slice of glorious Swiss cheese and let it all melt until gooey and gorgeous. Sign off with a slab of pineapple, mix up some sriracha with a spoon of mayo and load up that bad boy burger.

Umm yeah…we just went there, we got your taste buds gushing like Niagara over the mention of Hawaiian SPAM. 

Kimchi and SPAM Fried Rice (good god)

Are you ready to get weak at the knees?

We suggest that you sit down, before scanning the next few sentences.

If kimchi is one of those ingredients that gets you hot under the collar, then you’ll be imploding when you hear how we dressed it up with SPAM and a golden runny egg.  Kauai is famous for their Spam and egg sandwiches. 

This is one of those dishes that we recommend chowing down on when you come home late from the bar. It’s got all of the ingredients that satiate a drunken palate. You get the spice of the kimchi, the comfort of rice and the shake up flavors of SPAM with eggs.

Fry up the SPAM until it turns a lovely color; like caramelized nuggets of gold. Throw in some chopped onions and kimchi and let it all meld together. When it’s starting to smell like a dream come true, stir through some cooked rice. Add some chili, garlic and scallions.

If it starts to look a little dry, then pouring in some sour kimchi juice and a splash of fish sauce should moisten things right up.

Don’t try to stir the rice too much, the aim is to make the rice get that charred shell that gives it such a great crunch. Finally, top with a fried egg and fall in love.

Unless you are so drunk that the sight of this wonderful concoction makes you faint with joy or vom on the spot, this is a Hawaiian recipe to savor.

SPAM Musubi (holy moly)

Spam musubi

If there was ever such a thing as the SPAM gods – they would make SPAM musubi. Yes, this creation is otherworldly. It’s a Polynesian creation that kicks ass and can sometimes be found on the Haleakala Tours

Musubi seems to be to Hawaii what the chocolate chip cookie is to America. You can find girl scouts knocking on your door and selling you boxes of musubi on the island.

Basically, SPAM musubi is a luscious square of SPAM, topped with rice and wrapped in nori. Yup that’s it. How can some dreams be so simple?

Seaweed, rice, and SPAM – the sea, the fields and the farm.

This easy little dish captures everything there is to adore about Hawaii. Of course, to attempt to tackle musubi, you need to have a slightly deft hand and exceptional rolling skills – no not that type of rolling.

Although, we bet that SPAM musubi would be the ultimate munchie snack! Check out the authentic Hawaiian SPAM musubi recipe here…

SPAM and Egg Gelatin Mode (kill us now)

Now that we’ve covered the good and the glorious, it’s time to take a sneaky peek at the bad and the ugly.

To truly understand SPAM, we need to look at its history to see how and why it fell from grace. This recipe sums it up.

A popular war time dish, even the title sends a shiver down our spine…

Anything in gelatin is a bad idea, unless of course you are making gummy bears and even then it’s questionable.

But only a complete MANIAC would shove SPAM and eggs inside gelatin. It’s the stuff of wobbly horror films.

You are sure to end up with something gag worthy.  Even typing these words right now is enough to make us gag. We are going to stop.

Stop right now!

SPAM and Limas (I can’t even…)

lima beans on spam
Photo from Buzzfeed

Another weep worthy dish, SPAM and limas.

Now, we know you are thinking that nothing could be worse than a jelly stuffed with eggs and SPAM. And, you are right. Nothing.

But, this one comes close.

This is mainly because this vintage recipe calls for SPAM in a can to be tipped onto a plate and surrounded by soggy, overcooked lima beans (think baby poop). This is not a Hawaiian traditional recipe oozing with aloha, this is sacrilege.

Truly disgusting.

We are sorry, don’t hate us. Maybe go back to the top of the article and stop two thirds of the way down.



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