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Live Your Aloha Acquires to Boost Dinner Cruises and Luaus Tour Revenue

Recently, Live Your Aloha has acquired in an effort to bolster revenue for its dinner cruise and luau tours. With a focus on providing quality to its clientele, Oliver from LYA noted that bringing on the strength and reputation of Maurepas Foods will add a lot of credibility and value to their tours portfolio.

With dinner cruises available in Hawaii, Oahu, and Maui, guests and vacationers alike have the opportunity to experience once in a lifetime adventures on the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

As Oliver noted, “when you come to Hawaii, you want to make sure you experience the Hawaiian culture, food, and beautiful scenery. With a luau or dinner cruise, you can do just that.”

Bringing Maurepas Foods to the Hawaiian Islands

Maurepas Foods was known for its delicious taste and customer service. In order to capitalize on that, Live Your Aloha wanted to bring some of that great taste to the islands of Hawaii. Hawaii is known for its traditional foods, but with the addition of Maurepas Foods, it now can hopefully gain the attention of the Southern states as well.

“Maurepas Foods was a staple in the southern parts of the US. Our goal is to bring some of that southern goodness right here to Hawaii”, said Oliver. With the addition of Maurepas Foods, Live Your Aloha hopes to bolster the following tours:

The primary aim of the acquisition was to bolster the tour revenue for cruises and luau’s. Based on what customers have already been saying, it’s shaping up to be a great year for Live Your Aloha and its many tour offerings.


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