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Taking a Spiritual Tour; Find Peace in Hawaii

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Taking a Spiritual Tour in Hawaii; Tap into Your Aloha

The islands of Hawaii are brimming with bountiful tours, whether you want to swim with dolphins, whizz across the skies in a helicopter, rappel down a waterfall or learn to surf – you can do it all in this picture-perfect paradise.

Yet, for those who want to step outside of the standard tours and tourist places, there is a chance to take a spiritual tour of Hawaii. Native Hawaiians are highly spiritual people with their aloha healing vibes, sacred sites, and strong connection to the natural world.

Taking a spiritual tour of Hawaii is a way of getting closer to the culture of the native Hawaiian people, to be a part of something that is completely original and unique, and to perhaps discover something deeper about your own spiritual journey.

What is a Spiritual Tour in Hawaii?

On a spiritual journey of Hawaii, you will visit Oahu with its sacred sites. You can witness the wonders of its smoking volcanoes like Mauna Kea, waters brimming with dancing dolphins, and other such dramatic scenes that capture the spirit of the island. A place where myth and magic blend with real life.

The difference with a spiritual tour is the fact that the tour company are soaked in aloha spirit and want to show you their land in a way that nurtures your own spiritual journey. The company has a Kahu – otherwise known as an elder or a mentor. The Kahu is a natural healer and works closely with the spiritual tour guides to ensure that the sacred sites you visit can deliver the healing energy and experience you need.

Unlike standard cookie cutter tours and experiences of Hawaii, the spiritual tours are tailored to you. The spiritual tour leaders are interested to work with you and create a compelling itinerary that takes you where you want to go on the ancient Hawaiian Islands.

Visiting these sacred sites with a native Hawaiian adds to the splendor of the spiritual experience. You can hear tales of gods and goddesses, come to understand why this spot or that volcano is considered a sacred site, and tap into the healing force of nature through the guidance of those who want to nurture your spiritual journey.

Why Book a Spiritual Tour in Hawaii?

There are tons of tourist experiences, but who wants to traipse around somewhere as sacred as the Hawaiian Islands and see it through the eyes as the millions who passed before you? Wouldn’t it be amazing to see ancient Hawaii and her rare and inspired culture?

Wouldn’t it be enchanting to hear the legends behind places like the Mauna Kea volcano, to understand why dolphins are sacred, and to know a different historical slant on the stunning island of Oahu?

Wouldn’t it be illuminating to think about how your time in Hawaii could contribute to your own spiritual journey – to let the hands of nature deliver healing and to develop your own aloha spirit to take back home?

As you can see there are many reasons to think outside the box and opt for a spiritual tour of the Hawaiian Islands. Along with taking the time to truly respect and understand native Hawaiian culture you are making true connections with people and places on this retreat from everyday thought patterns.

It’s about making ethical choices to tour and garner a deeper understanding of the places you choose to visit in your life.

What to Expect from a Spiritual Tour in Hawaii?

For those interested in a spiritual tour, the first step is to make a reservation. We are sure spiritual people but still use the the internet, no need to send smoke signals or carrier pigeons.

After that you can be sure that one of our native Hawaiian people will be in touch and together you can tailor your journey. Think about what you want to see on the islands or where your interests lie. Perhaps you dream of standing below gushing waterfalls, climbing volcanoes, listening to chants beneath the rumblings of Mauna Kea, or meeting with a healer.

Maybe you would prefer to take a historical tour and learn about the natural and cultural history of ancient Hawaii. You could visit the museums and settler sites to hear about how Hawaiian culture adapted and how the spiritual experiences of the local people have been shaped by the modern world.

Then of course, you could opt for a VIP adventure around the shores of Oahu. Climb inside a private minivan and be whisked away on a whirlwind tour of Oahu’s many cultural and spiritual sites. From pineapple farms to coffee plantations, the dazzling heights of Diamond Head Crater, to the famous North Shore points to watch for dolphins, and beyond. You can explore your aloha spirit on the island with a special guide to help show you the way to inner healing through adventure.

What is Aloha Anyway?

For those visiting Hawaii, you will have heard the term Aloha a hundred times. You could be mistaken into thinking it simply means hello or good day or farewell. Yet aloha is so much more – in fact it refers to a way of life. The Aloha spirit refers to peace, patience and understanding. It also means accepting that you are a part of all and all is a part of you. When you send out the aloha spirit – love, compassion and understanding – it is sure to come back around to you.

Over the years, the word aloha has been used as a greeting or farewell and this has made it feel a little more like a throwaway word, but it is far from that. Using the word Aloha in its spiritual and honest context is such appreciated by the native Hawaiian people, as it shows spiritual understanding of their culture. Native Hawaiians will appreciate those who use the word Aloha with absolute healing truth and sincerity on their journey through the islands.

The best way to find out about the Aloha spirit is to ask someone from the culture. You can also bet that there will be an unraveling of the meaning behind Aloha when you take a spiritual tour of Hawaii.

What if I am Not a Spiritual Type of Person?

The islands of Hawaii are powerful enough to turn everybody’s mind to mesmerizing spirituality. There is something about the soft aloha spirit, the energy of the volcanoes, the native Hawaiian stories, and masses of sacred sites that pulls at your curiosity.

That’s not to say that everyone who takes a spiritual tour must be in touch with their crown chakra or able to mediate for fifty days straight in silence. Sometimes spiritual journeys are about seeing a place and its people through a slightly altered perception or a mind that is open and aware. Sometimes it takes someone, like a native Hawaiian, to explain why a certain place or volcano is sacred and what that means to the people.

Even if you aren’t a spiritual person or you are wary of the idea of taking a spiritual journey, you can still take a culturally rich, evocative, and incredibly beautiful tour around the Hawaiian Islands with a native who can tailor the experience to truly meet your needs.


Nowadays travelers are turning more towards cultural and spiritual travel experiences. Sure, it’s a lot of fun to swim with dolphins, kayak across clear blue waters, go parasailing, surf giant waves, and relax on sun kissed beaches, yet Hawaii has so much more to offer spiritual visitors.

The spiritual tour gives travelers the chance to truly connect with the islands heritage, to form a unique bond with people and place, and to discover the aloha side of Hawaii. This is a journey that few will have been privileged enough to witness, especially alongside the native Hawaiian people who can help guide you.


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